Team Chicago Donated $1000 to Lake Zurich Fire Department

Event Details

September 11th was an unparalleled and dark incident in the 2000s, and our first responders were the light that guided us through that darkness. The Chicago chapter wanted to honor those brave men and women who lost their lives saving others by giving to those who are protecting us today. We would like to thank Fire Chief David Pilgard and his team for their continuous support to the Village of Lake Zurich. The ITSERVE Chicago CSR team appreciates Ravi Satya Gavirineni for arranging this 10th CSR activity. We want to thank Ravi Ramnath, Chandra Vongavolu, Samba Movva and Lokesh Kosaraju and his daughters Shresta, Shreya, and Shruthi for attending this event and presenting the CSR check to Fire Chief David Pilgard. The Chicago CSR team was happy to see that ITSERVE Chicago member’s families are attending our CSR events. At our last CSR event Shailu Tipparapu came with his family and Ravi Ramnath with his daughter Shreeya Thakur. Dhanush Tipparapu and Shreeya Thakur have volunteered their time to help distribute school bags, and school accessories. Their volunteer efforts added another feather to the ITSERVE Chicago Chapter. These CSR events give us immense pleasure and bring a lot of positive energy to our Chicago Chapter.

11 Sep 2021
Team Chicago Donated $1000 to Lake Zurich Fire Department
  • Organized by: ITServe Alliance CSR-Chicago Chapter
  • Venue: Lake Zurich Fire Department
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